A Spring Bucket List


Admittedly, this kind of feels like “Bucket List: Before Baby Comes Edition”. Trying to fit in those last tasks and enjoy our last couple of months before life gets turned upside down, in the best way possible. Here are some things I’m going to be working on:


Sew a dress.

This tutorial inspires me.


Finish our baby shopping list.

Not too much more to do!


Make art for the baby’s room.

We want to make a special piece with our little boy in mind.


Give the condo a good deep clean.

I want things to be in good order so I can take everything in this summer.


Choose an epic cake recipe for my 30th birthday.

And make it for myself. I have my eye on something from Momofuku.


Do a huge donation run.

Making room for onesies and receiving blankets in our drawers.


Plan a bunch of freezer meals for when baby comes.

I have always dreamed of doing this, as ridiculous as that sounds.


Nap whenever I want, because I hear time is limited.

I have become an excellent napper these last months, if I do say so myself.


Make something with rhubarb in it. 

I always crave it this time of year. This recipe piqued my interest.


Plan something for our first wedding anniversary.

Or maybe we’ll just have a baby that day?!



Burger Crawl: The Mercury



Our next stop is a classic one in Regina. The Mercury is a nostalgic place for many people and one of our testers picked it for just that reason. We stopped by on a Friday night to sample some of their well-known burgers. The environment is retro; the only way you can get pop here is in glass bottles which adds to the classic feel.


The Burger: Two of us tried the Bacon Cheeseburger and two of us tried the Merc Burger, a loaded double cheeseburger.

The Bun: A classic Kaiser, which we agreed wasn’t big or sturdy enough for one patty, let alone two.

The Patty: Thick, homemade, well-seasoned with garlic and greasy. Like so greasy, some of our buns were falling apart before we could finish.

The Cheese: You can choose from cheddar, mozza or Swiss. The Merc comes with cheddar and Swiss.

The Sauce: Mayo. We agreed that mustard would have been good here.

The Veggies: Pickles, tomato and shaved lettuce. The Merc comes with sautéed onions and mushrooms too.

The Extras: The bacon on the cheeseburgers was cooked perfectly. The Merc comes with shaved ham.

The Side: We tried the classic double cooked fries (delicious), the onions rings (perfect and not too greasy) and the poutine (one tester liked it and the other was disappointed in the gravy and that it didn’t have cheese curds).

The Price: $13.25 for the Bacon Cheeseburger and $15.00 for the Merc burger; poutine and onion rings were upgrades for $2.75.

The Place: The Mercury Café & Grill, 2936 13th Ave, Regina





Recent Obsessions #12


White Chocolate Reese’s. I’ve loved these forever but only used to get them in the States so I was stoked to find them here. I also just bought a pack of white chocolate Reese’s EGGS on our recent trip to Minot and it will be a struggle to savour them.

Remember how I said I hated coffee? I did, my entire pregnancy, until like last week, when I woke up full blown dying for a coffee. I also just discovered Starbucks Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato. Have you tried this?! OMG.

This Old Navy black plaid shirt. It flows over my baby bump so well, can be unbuttoned over a tank when I get even bigger and then I can wear it after delivery. The length is perfect and the fabric is the softest ever. I already have my eye on the red/blue version.

Everyone Soap in Coconut Lemon. I really like Dr. Bronner’s castile soap as a bath soak but I’ve still really missed bubble baths and I’ve had lots of trouble finding a cleaner formula. I had heard lots of good things about this line and decided to give it a go. It foams well, smells like dessert and is super gentle on my skin. The bottle is large so it should last awhile, too.

I’ve been slathering my chest and belly with Coconut Oil before bed and it’s become a nice nightly ritual. I tend to be lazy about body lotion but my skin looks so much better when I moisturize it well.

Thursday nights have quickly become my favourite due to our Prenatal Classes. I always leave feeling like I’ve learned a ton and it’s such a nice date night for Tom and I. If you’re local you’ve probably heard it a million times but you need to take Sally’s class!

I’ve been on the hunt for black athletic shoes for a long time and I finally settled on these New Balance ones after getting an awesome deal on our Minot trip. I had super specific criteria (ask my husband) so this is a huge win. They are super comfortable and so classic looking.


What are you obsessed with right now?

Photo credit to Tom. 


The Second Trimester


I cannot BELIEVE my second trimester is ending. I remember being five weeks pregnant and feeling like double digits were so far away. Recently I commented on being six months along and I thought Tom was going to have a heart attack. Turns out, saying how many weeks along I am hasn’t been registering for him but hearing that I’m six months pregnant = shit’s getting real.

So, remember how I felt awful my entire first trimester? Around 14 weeks I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel and started feeling like myself again. Most of my food aversions are gone now, and my appetite was back in time for Christmas which was a relief. That said, I’m still taking Diclectin. Every time I try to wean off, I become terribly ill and completely miserable. Recently I saw an article about Diclectin having a placebo effect and not being effective. I laughed out loud when I saw it. I don’t even have to tell Tom when I’ve tried to take a lower dose because he can tell a marked departure in how I’m feeling. I’ve had some guilt about this but it’s proven to be necessary for me. It’s what’s kept me eating well and even enjoying my pregnancy this last while and I figure happy mom = happy baby.

As my belly grew bigger I did a little shopping at Thyme Maternity. These jeans are awesome. That said, I’ve always been more into flow-y tops and leggings so I’ve been able to transition most of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe fairly easily.


I’m sleeping really well most of the time, all thanks to my Snoogle. I am obsessed with this thing and absolutely think it’s worth the money. That furry guy above really likes to curl up in it each morning after I get out of bed and it’s still warm. I will be so sad to put it away after the baby comes, although I’m sure Tom will be glad to get more of the bed back.

One of my favourite things is hearing the heartbeat in the doctor’s office at my checkups. We didn’t get to hear it at either of my ultrasounds so Tommy hadn’t heard it yet and was super disappointed. I was able to record it at my last checkup and sent it to him on Valentine’s Day. We also look forward to the weekly update on my Bump app and seeing how big the baby is and how he’s developing.

I definitely relate to the second trimester being the “honeymoon phase” of pregnancy. I chopped my hair off at 19 weeks which really helped give me a little confidence boost, especially because my skin has never looked so awful on a regular basis. In terms of mood, I’m definitely weepier than I’ve ever been, over happy and sad things. Also, pretty sure that baby brain has kicked in. I recently spent 10 minutes trying to figure out why the blender wouldn’t work. Tom finally came over to help and pointed out that it may blend things better if I put the blade attachment in the jug. *Face palm*.


I’ve been doing a ton of research on the necessities and we have everything mostly decided on. Everyone kept telling me that boy clothes are disappointing, but I have to say I disagree. I’ve found so many adorable things and if anything, I have to be careful not to overdo it. I love going through his little wardrobe and imagining how he’ll look in the things we’ve bought him so far. It’s such a strange and magical thing, anticipating meeting this little person who you already love but have never met.

I love to read and always thought I’d read a ton of pregnancy books, but I quickly learned to read NOTHING unless I have a specific question. I have yet to find a book that doesn’t make me overthink everything so ignorance has been bliss thus far.


Things I love to eat: overnight oats; I have them almost every day for breakfast; bananas, and fruit in general, peanut butter, and burgers. I want red meat a lot lately, which is odd for me. The other day I made a meatloaf because I wanted one so badly. I don’t remember the last time I had it but it hit the spot. Weirdest cravings: a hot dog, Velveeta Shells and Cheese and Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls. Basically, any nostalgic junk food. Luckily those types of things are a one and done, because, yikes. Also, I can’t live without sparkling water. It helps my indigestion so much.

I’ve hated coffee my whole pregnancy but have really missed tea. I found a few varieties at David’s that don’t have any herbs and I’ve enjoyed drinking those once in a while. If you’re curious, the flavors are: Birthday Cake, Movie Night, Green & Fruity and Strawberry Shake.


I’ve been feeling lots of movement for several weeks now and Tom has felt it too which has been so fun. The baby always moves a lot right before bed and I love to relax and feel him do his thing before we go to sleep.

We start prenatal classes right away! Super excited for those. And scared to learn more about how the baby has to come out of me at some point.

Bring it on, third trimester!


Burger Crawl: Birmingham’s


A new development in my pregnancy has been a love of red meat and although I’ve always loved a good burger, something about them has been super tempting to me as of late. Recently when out with friends, I commented that we should start a “Burger Crawl” and try all the best ones we could find. At first I was met with laughter but pretty soon we scheduled our first stop, at my request. This burger is my current favourite in Regina and I wanted everyone else to try it too. I mean, look at that thing. She will be tough to beat, that’s for sure.


The Burger: The “Skirt” Burger

The Bun: Brioche, super fresh but holds up well.

The Patty: Thick, ground sirloin, perfectly seasoned, juicy without being greasy, slight char on the outside.

The Cheese: Birmingham’s puts a mound of grated cheddar on the patty and covers it with a lid to melt it onto the burger. This fries the cheese that falls in the pan into a crispy “skirt”. It adds great texture.

The Sauce: “Burger” sauce.

The Veggies: Pickles, tomato, onion and shaved lettuce.

The Extras: A woven sheet of bacon. This works to ensure you get bacon in every bite.

The Side: V-Chips; super thin and crispy potato chips soaked in vodka and then deep fried. Try them with dip!

The Price: $14.95

The Place: Birmingham’s Vodka & Ale House, 2635 Star Lite Street, Regina


What are you waiting for?!