Nice to meet you! I’m Shaleen Bag-of-Flour.


A few years ago ago my sweet Grandpa was very excited to tell me that his Polish doctor had told him that our last name, Monka, means “Bag of Flour”. With pride in his eyes, he encouragingly slapped me on the back and said, “That’s why you are such a good baker!”. Whether the translation is accurate or not, I was so charmed by this theory that I couldn’t help but feel like everything made sense to me after that. I love to feed people and believe it is one of my life’s purposes.

I’m also a proud wife, a new-ish mama, and an iced coffee all year round kinda gal. I often have my nose in a book and I dream of someday writing one. I love travel, fresh flowers, fashion, and chocolate.

To read a bit more about why I decided to start blogging, click here.

Thanks for visiting!



Email: bag.of.flour@hotmail.com

Instagram: bagofflour

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/bagofflour/

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