A Spring Bucket List


Admittedly, this kind of feels like “Bucket List: Before Baby Comes Edition”. Trying to fit in those last tasks and enjoy our last couple of months before life gets turned upside down, in the best way possible. Here are some things I’m going to be working on:


Sew a dress.

This tutorial inspires me.


Finish our baby shopping list.

Not too much more to do!


Make art for the baby’s room.

We want to make a special piece with our little boy in mind.


Give the condo a good deep clean.

I want things to be in good order so I can take everything in this summer.


Choose an epic cake recipe for my 30th birthday.

And make it for myself. I have my eye on something from Momofuku.


Do a huge donation run.

Making room for onesies and receiving blankets in our drawers.


Plan a bunch of freezer meals for when baby comes.

I have always dreamed of doing this, as ridiculous as that sounds.


Nap whenever I want, because I hear time is limited.

I have become an excellent napper these last months, if I do say so myself.


Make something with rhubarb in it. 

I always crave it this time of year. This recipe piqued my interest.


Plan something for our first wedding anniversary.

Or maybe we’ll just have a baby that day?!



A Fall Bucket List


See “The Girl on the Train” Movie

I hope it’s as good as the Gone Girl movie was.

Finalize My Fall Capsule Wardrobe 

I’ve actually just finished this and started wearing it.

Chop My Hair Off

This item changes day to day. I’m having a love/hate relationship with it right now.

Complete Two Sewing Projects

At least! I can’t wait to get cozy in my sewing nook.

Legally Change my Name

I think I’ve slacked off as long as I can.

Actually Celebrate Halloween 

I want to plan something for the weekend before AND I’ve already begged Tom’s parents to let me hand out candy at their house.

Host Thanksgiving Dinner at our Home

I’m already planning the menu, naturally.

Cross the Border for a Target Run

To buy fifty cases of LaCroix, mostly.

Find the Perfect Winter Coat

I’m due for a new one!

Limit Phone Time

I’ve been working on this a lot lately. I’m especially bad at the right-before-bed and first-thing-in-the-morning scrolling.

Make My Own Healthier Coffee Creamer

I’ve tried several recipes but I never love them. Hoping to finally find a good one.

Buy a Small Pumpkin to Decorate With

I’m not a crazy holiday decorator, but I like small touches. I’ll probably put this on my bar cart.


A Summer Bucket List

bucket of peonies

I’m back…and I’m married!

It was a crazy whirlwind of a day, just as everyone told me it would be. It was emotional and nerve wracking and full of love and I’m relieved it’s over and mourning it’s end all at the same time. I also lived in the moment the entire day and took ZERO photos. Once I get everything from the photographer I’ll do a bit of a recap post but until then, I have some other stuff to share.

Tom and I have been doing lots of summer planning recently and I wanted to make sure I wrote it down so we don’t miss a thing. Last summer was super full with our move and my sister’s pre-wedding events and it was over in a flash. I want to make sure to savour every moment this time around. Here are some things I hope to do this season.

See a Drive-in Movie

As a teenager I went to Manitou Beach every summer and that was my first drive-in experience. It’s been years but I’m really hoping to see one again soon.

Epic Road Trip

We tend to road trip quite a bit to see family but our goal for the next few months is to travel somewhere we don’t typically go, whether across the border for a shopping trip or camping at a new spot.

Orange is the New Black Marathon

Every year when the new season of OITNB premieres we pick up pizza and Slurpees and binge watch it for hours until our eyes won’t stay open anymore. We aren’t super into TV but this is one that we always make it a point to watch as soon as it comes out and it’s become a fun little annual tradition of ours.

Try Starbucks S’mores Frappuccino

This is a little silly but I had really cut back on treats before the wedding and it almost killed me because I’ve been DYING to try this. S’mores are my fave.

Book our Honeymoon

We plan to honeymoon when the weather gets colder in fall or winter and now we just need to narrow it down and book a trip. We aren’t dead set on anywhere yet and I’m excited to see what we decide.

Grow Herbs on the Balcony 

I’m hoping to grow basil and make homemade pesto.

Make a Signature Summer Drink

Remember when I searched high and low for Pimm’s all last summer and then finally found it in the fall? I’m making up for that this year; this drink screams summer time to me.

Big House Cleaning Day

Getting married in May meant spring cleaning took a backseat but I can’t wait to do a deep clean and organize our home this season.

Create New Art 

I’m really wanting to give our living room area a little refresh and Tom and I are planning to make a new painting as part of that.

Make Homemade Ice Cream Treats

I want to buy a popsicle mold and then make something more challenging too; maybe ice cream sandwiches or even a cake!

Sleep Under the Stars

I really want to camp out on our balcony one night. We are high up enough to avoid the bugs and I love our view of city lights in the distance at night.


What do you have planned this summer?