Burger Crawl: Beer Bros.


Next stop on the burger train is Beer Bros. This one was my suggestion because I recalled loving it in my much younger days and had a special fondness for the beet ketchup in particular. Probably no surprise here, but Beer Bros. incorporates beer into their food; like the stout mayo and wheat ale bun our burgers were on.



The Burger: Three of us tried the Beer Bros. Burger with smoked white cheddar and thick cut bacon and one tried the All Day Breakfast Burger, which also included a sunny side up egg and sauteed mushrooms.

The Bun: A wheat ale bun, super fresh, crusty on the outside, soft on the inside. It tasted homemade. We all liked this bun, although it did not hold up well for the Breakfast Burger which seemed to be because of the juicy sauteed mushrooms on that one.

The Patty: Thick, juicy and well-seasoned. We did agree that this patty was the most processed we’ve encountered so far.

The Cheese: A $1.50 add-on to the Bros. Burger; we tried the smoked white cheddar, which was fabulous. There was a blue cheese option also.

The Sauce: Stout mayo, which we loved. Two of us agreed that mustard would have been good here.

The Veggies: Sliced pickles, thickly sliced red onion, tomato and leaf lettuce. The Breakfast Burger had sauteed mushrooms, too.

The Extras: The bacon was SUPER thick cut and a $1.50 add-on to the Bros. Burger. The girls weren’t fans but the guys loved it.

The Side: We tried the thick cut, skin-on fries (delicious with the sides of stout mayo and beet ketchup for dipping), Caesar salad (“looked better than it tasted”) and the poutine (a small portion, called “underwhelming”).

The Price: $16 for the Beer Bros. Burger before add-ons and $20 for the All Day Breakfast Burger; poutine and Caesar salad were upgraded sides.

The Place: Beer Bros. Gastropub & Deli, 1821 Scarth Street, Regina

beer bros poutine


Where we should try next? I’d love to hear from you.


Regina Eats: Gluten-Free


After completing my Whole30 and realizing that overindulging in gluten makes me feel less than stellar, I started looking for gluten-free options as often as I could. I still eat gluten occasionally but it is definitely a treat for me these days rather than a staple. After uncovering several gems I thought I would share what I’ve tried and liked so far:

Lancaster’s menu is clearly marked with gluten-free options, which I appreciate. My favorite entrée there is the Satsuma Chicken. Get the Potato Chips with Garlic Aioli to start. You’ll thank me later.

I’ve tried several gluten-free pizza crusts and Boston Pizza’s is the winner so far.

Brewed Awakening has salads, crustless quiches, fresh rolls and desserts that are wheat-free. The wheat-free carrot cake is phenomenal.

Kneaded is a completely gluten-free bakery here in the city. Their desserts are out of this world good.

I tried Serendipity a few weeks ago and had the most phenomenal BBQ Bacon Grilled Cheese sandwich. I also sampled the peanut butter cheesecake which was massive and loaded with peanut butter cups. Her menu changes weekly and I’ve found everything to be very reasonably priced, especially for gluten-free food.

Sprout Catering has a regular menu with gluten-free options as well as a “Gluten-Free Fridays” lunch feature. The food there is always fresh and healthy.

Did you know you can get your Five Guys burger wrapped in a lettuce leaf? It’s surprisingly satisfying. Oh, and don’t forget the fries!

Rock Creek has several great gluten-free mains. I’ve tried and liked the Albuquerque Chicken and the Southwest Caesar Salad.

Note: If you are celiac, there may be cross contamination at some of these places.

Your favorite gluten-free meal in the city? Tell me!