Weekly Gratitude #2


Just a few of the things that I felt grateful for this past week:

Green smoothies every morning. I put in a ton of spinach, some coconut or soy milk, frozen fruit and chia seeds. They make me feel awesome.

 My Main Taste Tester very thoughtfully surprised me with a movie theatre date. I love going to the movies.

 Canada. Whenever I caught a bit of the Olympics I was filled with so much pride for where we live. It is seriously inspiring to watch our athletes represent us and how everyone bands together to support them. We are so lucky to live in this great country.

 On that note, our heated mattress pad. It’s damn cold here lately.

 Blood oranges. I am obsessed with everything blood orange and have been dreaming of what I can bake with them.

 I met my old roommate for frozen yogurt and a catch up. It was great to see her, as always.

 I have been writing down my monthly goals, big and small,  in my day planner (see above) and crossing them off as I accomplish them. I was so happy with my January and when I reviewed February’s list, I felt really satisfied with where I am at right now. 

 Perspective. I have been having a challenging time with a project at work and it has had me questioning so much about myself, my abilities, my ambitions and so on.  After much agonizing and soul searching, I realized that I might be having a hard time with one thing, but that doesn’t define me or cancel out my other accomplishments.



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