Weekly Gratitude #4


Things I appreciated this past week:

Spring is finally coming! I love the subtle differences when a new season starts to creep in. The air feels a little fresher and the sun shines a little brighter lately.

 Good friends of ours just had their first baby and we got to meet him this week. I am so happy for them. He is perfect.

 I really want to tackle making doughnuts at home but for now, a good box of fresh bakery ones is such a simple pleasure. (By the way, that box up there included a Glazed Croissant Doughnut and a Maple Bacon variety. Whoa.)

 My youngest sister and her boyfriend came to stay with us for the weekend. We spent most of the time laughing until our stomachs hurt.

 I got a much needed pedicure. I don’t go often but when I do it is a real treat.

 This was a good week for recipe experimentation. I had three successes that I can’t wait to share.

 Life is good. I have a lot of wonderful things to look forward to in the next couple of months and I feel so lucky.  



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