Weekly Gratitude #7 – Toronto Edition

I’m back from Toronto and I had the best week there! Here are just a few things I appreciated about the trip:

 We stayed at the Four Seasons downtown and it was totally luxurious. The staff were so pleasant, the décor was grand and beautiful and in terms of location, there were a lot of great places close by to explore. I felt like I was living inside a magazine while I stayed there.


My favorite part of my room was probably my bath tub. I had a bath every night and wrapped up in a cushy white robe before bed. Total bliss.


 The people I met this week from our company’s other markets were so kind and friendly. It was helpful to talk to people who do my job in other places and I came back feeling really motivated about what we are trying to achieve. I also really liked putting faces to names and it was so nice to spend some leisure time with them in the evenings too. Great people all around.


 The pool at our hotel was lovely. It was an infinity pool in a softly lit area with relaxing music. The night I went for a dip I was the only one in there and to have my own personal pool and hot tub for an hour? It was a great way to unwind after a long day.


I ate a TON of good food in Toronto. The first night I ate at a great little Italian place called Nervosa. It was a cozy old house with a big pizza oven and fresh pasta. They had pumpkin ravioli I’m still kicking myself over not ordering. I did have a Margherita pizza with a paper thin crust and creamy buffalo mozzarella and it was delicious.


 There was an amazing bakery/deli/grocery store called Pusateri’s right across from the hotel and I went there almost every day. They had amazing sandwiches and salad bars and probably the biggest selection of sweets I’ve ever seen in a single place. I had the best ham and cheddar croissant sandwich from there and a noteworthy brownie. I also got lots of fresh fruit to snack on.


The second night we ate as a group at a cool place called Jack Astor’s. It was really fun and laid back and the décor was really crazy. They had chandeliers made out of old glass Coke bottles! I started with a Blood Orange Sangria to drink and then I ordered a “Gaucho”- steak with a sundried tomato Chimichurri and garlicky fries covered in feta cheese. It was one of the best steaks I’ve ever had and you can bet you will see a re-creation of those fries on the blog one day. I’m still thinking about them.


 On our last night, the group got together at a pub called Hemingway’s. This place had a few sets of stairs, twisting and turning into many rooms all packed with people. We ended up sitting on the top level which was a covered, heated patio. There were old school colored patio lights and rustic wood tables, making me really want summer. I had the Dressed Burger and Sweet Potato Fries with Cajun dip. It was simple, but a great meal. The bun was freshly baked and the burger patty was house made and very flavorful.


 I felt so grateful for Booster Juice this week. There was one right in our office building so I was able to stay in my morning smoothie habit the majority of my trip. I was under the weather for some of the week and they really kept me going. I ordered a “Spinach Is In It” each time. So good.

 I took the subway for the first time! Two of the girls from the group and I went to The Eaton Centre together and I felt accomplished navigating my way around a new city.


When it came time to head home, I was so overwhelmed with gratitude to have had the opportunity to go on this trip. I learned so much for my job and feel so much more confident in the position I am in. I also felt exhilarated to expand my horizons and see a new city. I was awestruck for much of the trip. I can’t wait to go back to Toronto.

plane view

 As my plane headed closer to home and the skyscrapers down below changed to prairies I felt so content to be home. As much I loved going away, to hold my Main Taste Tester’s hand and to sleep in my own bed felt amazing. I’m so happy to get cooking again too. I’ve missed my kitchen!


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