Weekly Gratitude #8


Some things that made me happy over the past week:

My Main Taste Tester got my car all shined up and cleaned the interior for me. I was dreading doing it and he knew that, so he took care of it while I was in Toronto. It was such a pleasant surprise to come home to.

I had a good friend over for dinner and a movie. I made a pasta dish and she brought dessert. It was nice to have a relaxing evening in. I love cooking for other people.

I was incredibly bored with my hair and a fresh trim and some blonde highlights really perked me up.

I got tickets to see my favorite band in the world, Fleetwood Mac! We saw them last year and it was one of the best nights of my life. I still get emotional thinking about it, as sappy as that sounds. I remember commenting after that if Christine would come back and I could see them with her, that would be the only way to improve the experience. Well, I got my wish! Christine is back and I was able to buy tickets on pre-sale. My hands were literally shaking when I typed my info. So overjoyed.

I got a Yonanas machine for Christmas but I haven’t tried it yet. When a frozen yogurt craving hit me a few days ago, I remembered I had the machine and made a Yonanas sundae instead. The texture is just like soft serve and it was really filling too. I was impressed! I have a feeling it will get a lot of use this summer.

This past weekend we made a last minute road trip to Manitoba to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday. We surprised him and it was so worth it.

Sangria. No further explanation necessary.


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