Weekly Gratitude #9


Some good things about the past week:

I had dinner with two close friends I haven’t seen since before Christmas. I love catching up with them because no matter how long it’s been, we can just pick up right where we left off.

I made a trip to my hometown and we stayed with my grandparents, who we are always so happy to see. We saw my uncle and his family, and we got to have supper with my dad too. My mom was working unfortunately, and I missed seeing her a lot. My sister and I hit up a trade show that was in town and checked out some booths. It was a fun, girly time that I loved.

While we were in town, my Grandma surprised me with a shaker of cinnamon sugar because she knows I like to make cinnamon toast in the morning at her house. She also saved a huge stack of old cooking magazines for me (inspiration!). It was so thoughtful, and right up my alley.

My Main Taste Tester and I are taking a road trip to Calgary to celebrate my birthday in a couple weeks with my youngest sister and her boyfriend. We are hammering out final details and I am getting SO excited. We are in for a lot of good times.

It has been nicer here lately, nice enough that we don’t have to be bundled up just to run errands. Better weather = more motivation for me. Everything feels more enjoyable when the sun is shining.

Sibling Appreciation Day was last week, which reminded me of how lucky I got in that department (although I never forget for very long). I could not ask for better sisters or a better brother.

Photo source: Instagram (Follow me: shaleenmonka)


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