Weekly Gratitude #15


This week was busy with lots of wonderful things to be grateful for. Some highlights:

A supper date with my Main Taste Tester at our favorite BBQ restaurant.

After supper, we went shopping at a clothing store to pick up a couple of things I’ve had my eye on. My MTT regularly accompanies me shopping, and never, ever complains. He holds my bags, he gets different sizes, and he gives honest feedback while always making me feel beautiful. One of the ladies at this particular store commented on how lucky I am to  have such a perfect man to bring shopping and I can’t help but agree. He really is the best in the world.

My first in-house Jamberry party was on Wednesday night and although it was smaller than I had planned on, it was really enjoyable.

A Friday night movie with friends. We had leftover popcorn…you know what that means.

A sunny Saturday morning walk with the man and the dog.

It really feels like summer; I even got my first mosquito bite of the year on Saturday night.

I found myself with a few spare minutes before an event on Sunday, so I popped in quickly to the library and selected a few books. I’ve been neglecting it lately and really missing it. As soon as I walked in, the smell of the books hit me and I was instantly calm. As cheesy as it is, the library is one of my happy places.

Last night I got a message from my old roommate asking to meet up in a few minutes. I jumped in the car right away and we had a quick chat over frozen yogurt. I loved how spontaneous it was.


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