Weekly Gratitude #16

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Good snippets from life lately:

I’ve had so much going on the whole month of May. This past week, I had NO plans. Nothing! I loved it. I told myself I wouldn’t schedule anything and would live in the moment. I did exactly what I wanted to do each day and it was wonderful. Things were very leisurely, but productive.

We made a trip to Manitoba to see my sister and brother in law for the weekend. My mom, dad and brother met us there and we had lots of fun visiting. I love my family.

While there, we found an awesome used book store in town. The place was packed with all kinds of great books, many very old and rare and even some recent finds. I got a super old copy of Gone With the Wind that was in awesome condition; the spine wasn’t even cracked! It was a great place. We will be going back there for sure.

My  mom, sister and I saw a chick flick at the movie theatre while the boys went golfing. It was a nice way to unwind after a day of shopping.

We had our first fire of the year (and our first s’mores!) on Saturday night. Is there anything better than sitting around a fire on a summer’s night?

My Main Taste Tester and I made a pit stop at a little ice cream stand on the way home. It was fun to pull into one of the little towns we usually just pass by on the drive.

We have been having lots of discussions about what we will do this summer and we have lots to look forward to. Life is fulfilling and wonderful!


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