Weekly Gratitude #17


A few good things that happened over the past week:

I came home to a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my Main Taste Tester. He is the master at giving flowers for no reason at all.

We had plans to have a dinner date out on Friday night but at the very last minute, we picked up pizza and Slurpee’s and watched a marathon of Orange is the New Black. It felt totally indulgent and was much needed.

That same evening, while driving in the rain to pick up the pizza, I had been confiding in my MTT about challenges at work lately, as well as my Grandpa’s condition. He isn’t doing well again. I just have a feeling of unrest because I sense a lot of hard changes on the horizon, both personally and professionally. As we were talking, the rain stopped, the sun burst through the clouds and the hugest, brightest rainbow I’ve ever seen stretched across the sky. It felt like a sign to me. I tend to overthink a lot of things, even those beyond my control,  but I don’t need to. Everything is going to work out.

We had supper with friends we haven’t seen in ages. Good food, good drinks and good company made for a fantastic evening.

The week I started my blog back in January, my MTT gave me an “inspiration” notebook to jot down recipe ideas and he had written a really lovely and encouraging message inside. Almost right after he gave it to me, I misplaced it, but I finally found it crammed in a weird spot while cleaning yesterday! I did a good brainstorm session for the blog and re-reading that encouraging message gave me a nice boost.

I took coffee to a friend at her work on Sunday morning and we had a catch up.  I read recently that “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” If yesterday is any indication, I’m in for a good week.


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