Weekly Gratitude #20

jerrys cake

Notable things from the past week:

You may have noticed a week of silence on my blog. My Grandpa had a setback unexpectedly with his illness and we decided to go to my hometown to be with my family, where we stayed until Wednesday. He has been declining more and more and I am grateful to have been able to see him each day for a week. We are just trying to keep him comfortable and praying for relief for him.

I am also grateful that none of my family was too affected by the floods that hit our province. We had an extra-long detour home, but we made it safely.

This week we went and picked up more teas from David’s Tea. We’ve been drinking a ton of iced tea lately and I stocked up on Watermelon Mint and Mango Fruit Punch. I also got two new flavors from the Carnival Collection: Cherry Snow Cone and Cotton Candy. I just love that place. The product is phenomenal and the service is always great.

Both of my sisters came to town to celebrate the bridal shower and stagette for a childhood friend this past weekend. I made the cake above as a gift to her. We had so much fun dressing up and going out with all of the girls. Any time I spend with my sisters is perfect.

I’ve decided on the winner of the vanilla cake challenge! I can’t wait to share.



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