A Monday Chat

pb cups

I wanted to share an update on where I’m at with Bag of Flour Blog and the direction that I’m wanting to go with it. First off: I really adore blogging. It feels like a total extension of myself and I only want to put more and more into it to help it grow. I love hearing that people read it and what they think of it. It’s so exciting when I find out that someone made one of my recipes. When I received so many calls and messages of support after writing the post about my Grandpa, I was so humbled. People (some I know and love and some I’ve never met), are reading what I have to say, and relating to it.  This blog is turning into a little community and I am so inspired by it.

When I first started at the beginning of the year, I had some goals in mind for myself. I intended to post three times per week and aside from two separate weeks during my Grandpa’s illness and death, I’ve stuck to that, which I’m really proud of. In the very beginning, I did just recipe posts and then after about a month I added the “Weekly Gratitude Series” at the beginning of each week to recap the previous. I’ve been feeling lately like there are so many other things I’m interested in that I want to write about, like fashion, reading and travel. That said, more than three posts a week is probably not realistic right now, at least not without compromising the quality of the content. As much as I’d love to blog more, I have this thing called a full time job that I still have to go to every day. I’m thinking of making “Gratitude” a once-a-month series and using the other three slots that were once “Weekly Gratitude” for touching on other interests; products I love, a new restaurant I just tried, a book I love and want to recommend.

I’m still cooking up a storm and Bag of Flour is most definitely still a food blog.  In addition to being an aspiring cook, I’m also a shopaholic who needs help justifying new boots and a bookworm who wants to hear your reading recommendations, all while we talk about good food. Indulge me?

 As always, thank you for following along. I am so grateful.


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