My Fall Fashion Wish List

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Fall is my FAVORITE season. Even though I haven’t gone to school in forever, this time of year still reminds me of that crazy exciting time before school started. Getting your school supplies, planning your schedule, and my favorite part, a new fall wardrobe. It still bums me out every year when I remember that my Mom won’t be purchasing my Fall haul anymore. Anyway, I love everything about Fall fashion and making a wish list to update my closet. This season’s is as follows:

 A “leather” jacket



Although I love the idea of real leather, it can be pricey and there are some great fakes out there these days. Last year I found a great one with a drapier front and studded shoulders. I adore it but this year I’m looking for something a little more classic. I love how a  leather jacket can take place of the blazer and be thrown over just about anything to give it a little edge. Spoiler alert: I just bought this baby.



 Every fall I buy a pair of tall black boots and wear the crap out of them. These are seriously the most perfect pair I’ve seen; they meet all of my criteria exactly.



I’m also totally obsessed with these:



 Chambray Shirt


This is another classic and I’ve seen a million versions, but none quite right for me yet. It has to be a lighter shade of blue with a worn feel but no distressing and a neutral button. I want to be able to wear it as a blouse at work, or more casual over a graphic tee so fit and denim weight are important too. Something like this. Specific enough?


Kendra Scott “Rayne” Necklace in Silver/Mother of Pearl

 I’ve loved Kendra Scott’s stuff for-ev-er but I’ve never bitten the bullet. I’m sensitive to most costume jewelry and I’ve been looking to slowly replace the things I wear all of the time with higher end versions that won’t make me itch or turn me green. This one will be a great replacement for my current stand-by and will go with everything. I love how that tassel has a 1920’s feel and the stone is genuine too.


 Hillberg & Berk Everleigh Earrings in Emerald


I am loving H&B’s new Fall launch and there are a ton of things I’d love but these made me gasp when I saw them. My birthstone is Emerald and I’ve been wanting a stud this color for awhile. The quality, price and fact that they are local is a big bonus too. I’m totally salivating over them. Is that weird?


 Black Jumpsuit

target jumpsuit

 The jury seems to be 50/50 on jumpsuits return to fashion but I’m all in. I just love the look and how versatile they can be. Earlier this Spring I bought a crazy floral print one and it’s super fun, but I’m looking for a more neutral one for Fall. The one above is from Target. I never picked it up and now it’s sold out. I’m kicking myself.


 Cat’s Eye Glasses


There was a time when I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing my glasses in public but they have grown on me in the last year or two and now I love treating them as an accessory. I’d like my next pair to be something more retro, like a modern cat eye shape. I think they are so lady-like.


  What do you have your eye on this Fall?

First image from Pinterest


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