Recent Obsessions


 Minnetonka Moccasins. I’ve been a fan for ages now, but I just got the leopard pair shown above on our trip to Minot and I totally adore them. I also have a turquoise pair and a black studded pair. I’ve worn the black ones a ton and they are still in great shape. They’re just so comfortable and make a perfect driving shoe. I want every color.

Vampy Nails. I know, I know, how cliché but I’m all about a dark manicure for Fall, especially after crazy bright nails all Summer. Right now I’m really into OPI “Shoot for the Maroon”.

Oatmeal. This is weird because I’m mostly a green smoothie for breakfast kind of girl but lately every morning all I want is a hot bowl of oatmeal. I’ve been putting a blob of peanut butter in the middle of the bowl so it melts while I eat it. So ridiculously good.

This Macadamia Hair Mask. It’s a little pricey but my hair is fine and gets dried out easy from bleaching the ends. It makes my hair feel like silk and it smells amazing. I’ve tried a lot of hair masks and this is the best, by far. It’s pretty easy to come by at beauty supply stores but I’ve also seen it at Target and London Drugs.

The new Sia Album. I previewed it after really liking “Chandelier” and the whole thing is awesome. It’s definitely different but  I think it’s great driving music. Her voice is crazy and so unique.

This Camo Jacket. I love a good army jacket because of how versatile they can be but my old one was a little sad (like, it almost needs elbow patches) so I decided to look for a camouflage version for an update. This one from Old Navy is the perfect weight for layering and has a flattering shape when you tie it at the waist. It’s also on sale now!

This infinity scarf. I got it in on a whim from Forever 21 in late Summer but have really only put it to use recently. It’s really big and a stretchy, super soft fabric. The perfect layering piece. I’ve been throwing it over everything.

La Croix Sparkling Water. I’ve been drinking sugar-free everything forever and my sister Caitlin sent me a video a couple months ago about the negative effects of artificial sweeteners that scared the crap out of me. Long story short, I pretty much quit cold turkey. No more diet sodas, no more Splenda in coffee, you catch my drift. I have felt way better since cutting them out and it hasn’t been too hard because I’ve totally fallen in love with these drinks when I’m craving soda. Canadian Target sells the Lemon, Lime and Grapefruit flavors and occasionally some others depending on the season. Try the Passionfruit or Cherry Lime if you can find it!

Lush’s “Karma” Perfume. I’m really into this perfume lately. You only need a little because it’s so strong and it feels more Fall appropriate than my usual scent. It’s also nice to have a purse spray for a quick pick-me-up. I always get asked what I’m wearing when I use this.

The Body Shop’s “Absinthe” Hand Cream. My hands get super dry and start cracking as soon as it starts to get cold and this is the best hand cream I’ve found. I actually got it in a bonus gift pack but I’ll be re-purchasing it when I run out. It’s REALLY moisturizing but soaks in fast and the scent is so unique.


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