Gratitude #25


A few of life’s simple pleasures lately:

Last minute road trips. They keep things exciting.

 Fancy candy shops. I’m a sucker for hard-to-find chocolate, especially.

 Recently my favorite store had a big sale and I commented to Tom that I should be good and not go. We were driving around the next evening and he surprised me by pulling up and telling me to pick something on him. He’s a keeper.

 “Good” mail.

 A fresh manicure.

Mornings when I have time to grab a coffee before work.

 Texts from my Dad.

 Lazy weekends at home (although rare, they are cherished).

 My Grandma recently bought a tablet so she can keep up with my blog. Hi, Grandma!

Fresh flowers.

 Breakfast for dinner.

 Beautiful Fall weekends with family.

 Wedding gown shopping with my sisters and Mom.


 Finding the perfect boots on sale.

 Big hugs.


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