My Favorite Things: What’s in My Bag


I’ve always been a purse girl and I don’t go anywhere without one. A beautiful bag that adds punch to my outfit while housing all my necessities always helps me feel more pulled together. Here is the lowdown on my favorite bags to carry, when I use them, and I what I stash inside:

 The Tote

Great for: The office; the overnight stay; the beach; the airport; the gym; the girl who wants everything on hand for her busy day.


I keep everything, and I truly mean EVERYTHING in my tote when I use it. If I’ve decided to take one out for the day it usually means that I’ll be away from home for a longer period of time and want to be prepared. I like to keep all of my smaller items in a clutch that I store within my tote. This makes it easy to switch out bags and it also means I have a clutch on hand should my day take me somewhere later that evening.


 What I keep in mine:

Basics- keys, phone, wallet

Cosmetics- compact, concealer, lipstick, stain & balm, mascara, hand cream, travel-size perfume

Hair- mini dry shampoo, mini hairspray, mini hair brush, elastics

Pharmacy- Visine, Advil

Entertainment- Kobo, book or magazine

Sustenance- beverage, snack, gum

Accessories- extra necklace & earrings

Other- day planner, blog business cards, pen, two pairs of sunglasses (prescription & non)


 The Crossbody

Great for: Sightseeing; shopping; a concert or event; anytime you want to be hands-free.


I use a crossbody bag more often than any other kind. I like a medium sized bag which ensures I have enough room for what I really need and want but keeps me from overfilling it. I also keep my smaller things altogether in a clutch inside the crossbody, as mentioned above. I’ve found I’m more likely to switch my bags out if I use this trick.


 What I keep in mine:

 Basics- keys, phone, wallet

Cosmetics– compact, lip stain, lip balm, concealer, hand cream, mini dry shampoo

Other- day planner, pen, one pair of sunglasses, gum, hair elastics, Advil


The Clutch

Great for: A low-key event; a glamorous night out; a small errand you just need a few key items for; anytime you need your bag at your fingertips, literally.


I love a good clutch and have quite an extensive collection, ranging from shimmery metallics for evening to more casual & neutral day clutches. I like them on the larger side for more of a statement.

 What I keep in mine:

 Essentials only- phone, keys, debit card, ID, cash, compact, lip stain, concealer, gum


 Handbags Shown:

Tote, Stella & Dot; Crossbody, Le Chateau; Clutch, Matt & Nat; Clutch inside the first two bags, vintage

What do you keep in your bag? I’d love to know!


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