On Life Lately

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind, to say the least. I hate constantly talking about how busy I am and I truly, truly hope to slow life down after this move and really participate in it without constantly thinking of the next thing on my to-do list. Then I hope to start cooking again and sharing more things with you!


A couple of weeks ago my sister Caitlin and her boyfriend Micheal came with Tom and I for a quick trip to Saskatoon. They surprised me the weekend before my birthday because they couldn’t celebrate with me on the day. We drove into the craziest April blizzard and to say we weren’t prepared is an understatement. We were all soaked and freezing, trudging through the deep snow in inappropriate footwear.


We stayed overnight at the Delta Bessborough and the power was actually out because some of the snowfall knocked down a tree by the hotel. It was crazy!


We stopped by Midtown Plaza first and spent too much money at Lush and Sephora. Then my favorite, Crave Cupcakes were in order. They also had the most insane Whoopie Pies which we were all flipping out over.
sephora bag

We went back to the hotel for a bit and then went over to Hudson’s for supper. Their burgers were awesome but all of us were really impressed with the drinks. I had something called a Sylvan Lake Sorbet that I can’t wait to recreate. The day ended with the hot tub to warm up our frozen bones. The next day, we checked out The Cave for an early lunch before heading out. Tom had been urging us to try it and the atmosphere was actually really fun. Everyone seemed to enjoy their meals too. It was a fun mini getaway.


Now for some good news: the house is sold! We have a tentative move date picked for later this month and I cannot freaking wait. We recently stopped by the condo to start envisioning some furniture placement and such. I felt so excited I thought I would burst when we walked in.

whoopie pie

My birthday was last Friday! I took the day off work and Tom pretended that he couldn’t get it off to trick me. I was super bummed but he ended up surprising me with a trip to Manitoba. He literally gave me 15 minutes to get ready that day and didn’t tell me where we were going until we were already driving. We stayed with my sister Tia and brother in law Dan and went out for supper that evening at a local restaurant. Tom also surprised me with a cake he and Dan designed together inspired by my blog. I almost cried when I saw it! I was shocked. It was seriously the most unique, thoughtful gesture. I love surprises so it was a great birthday. I got so many well wishes and I felt very loved.

bof cake

We did a day trip to Winnipeg on Saturday. Tom’s known I’ve wanted to go there because I’ve had my eye on a bed with drawers underneath and I had really wanted to check out Ikea’s selection. We settled on one that we’re really excited about. We stopped by the Olive Garden for a late lunch and then headed home for a sister movie date while the boys watched the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. The next day before we headed back to Regina we got to meet my cousin’s new baby. Nolan is the first great grandchild on my dad’s side and he is perfect. His arrival was highly anticipated and it is so exciting to finally have him here.

baby nolan

Up next: moving! Now the sorting, downsizing, and packing starts. We do have a lot of eager volunteers which I am grateful for. I know that the end result will be worth the stress and having my family around to help also means it will be fun. I can’t wait to get settled and give you guys a peek of our new home!

crave cupcakes


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