Summer Happenings

 Sorry for the silence around here. We just got back from holidays! Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

We’ve had some lake time at Good Spirit with my family! I also saw some childhood friends, ate too much ice cream and sat around the fire. The power even went out one night during a thunderstorm. We sat around in candlelight and talked for hours. It was fantastic. We’ve also booked our wedding venue in the area, which is a relief. Now the fun stuff begins!


Tom got me the prettiest bouquet. I love the sunflowers in it! He’s big on flowers for “no reason”, which I love, of course. What girl wouldn’t?

nix nap

We tried to take naps when we could.

skirt burger party

Skirt Burgers for everyone! Yes, we’re still obsessed. I beg anyone who will listen to try one.


Tom and I took a road trip to Calgary! We went for two nights and I tried to avoid taking a ton of photos so we could just relax and enjoy each other’s company. The first day of our trip was Tom’s birthday so we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings, his favorite. He was a happy guy. We shopped til we dropped and I got my capsule shopping out of the way. I found a lot of great things, everything on my list, in fact. We hot tubbed and swam, and drank fancy overpriced coffee every day, from everywhere. The best one we tried was the Mocca Red Eye from Second Cup. It’s the richest, most chocolaty iced coffee ever. Highly recommend. We went to Crave Cupcakes, of course. We also made a stop at the Old Spaghetti Factory, where I got a delightful White Peach Sangria. All in all, a lovely three days of quality time with my favorite guy.

hotel bed

Coming down the pipe next: my sister’s wedding, my other sister’s move, and our engagement photos! Lots of good stuff is in store.


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