2015 Recap


My favorite time of year! I love looking back and reflecting, getting rid of the old and preparing for the new. 2015 was…tough. I keep saying that it was a year of high highs and low lows because I really feel that there is no other way to describe it. I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster most of the year and quite honestly, I’m ready to put 2015 behind me. In no particular order, here are some of my most memorable events this year:

High – Adopting Nix

We were throwing around a Humane Society stop for months but I kept saying that I didn’t know if I was ready for another dog. Then Tom called me at work one snowy Thursday and said, “Listen, I just know today’s the day. We’re going to the Humane Society and we’re coming home with a dog.” We went in looking for a medium sized dog but found the tiniest white Chihuahua puppy with a red mark on his head to tell him apart from his twin brother. As soon as he was in my arms, I knew he was ours. Having him has taught me so much about patience, selflessness and unconditional love. I’m so glad Tom was right that day.


Low – Downsizing at Work

The majority of my department was laid off in the Spring, taking many people I’d worked with closely for years. It’s made things at work pretty lonely, in addition to making my duties more complicated at times. It’s also stressful regularly wondering who’s next.


High – Getting Engaged

Tom surprised me with a mini getaway to Saskatoon on June 30th and proposed in our (very fancy) hotel suite at the Delta Bessborough. It felt straight out of a movie. The Jazz Festival was on and the downtown area felt electric. We called our immediate family to share the news and then went for an intimate supper at Bon Temps Café, which we loved. It was such a perfect, magical and unforgettable evening.

View More: http://sterling.pass.us/shaleen-and-tom

Low – Mom’s Cancer Diagnosis

I haven’t discussed this on my blog, mostly because I haven’t even been sure how to write about it but my Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer this Fall. It’s been a difficult few months for my family. Luckily her treatment was quick to get started and her doctor is incredible. We have gotten good news about her progress and we remain hopeful that she will beat the disease but it has been truly awful to watch her go through such an ordeal.


High – Purchasing our First Home Together

Tom and I took a risk leaving his house to buy our new condo but it was the right choice for us at this stage in our lives and we couldn’t be happier. There are a lot of benefits to condo living that we love. It’s been a lot of fun to decorate together and make it our own too.


Low – Family Health Issues

In addition to my Mom being sick, both of her parents, my Dad and my Father-in-Law have all been hospitalized within the last couple of months for various health issues. We have definitely learned a lot about appreciating our health when we have it and not taking anything for granted.


High – Completing the Whole30

This was a major accomplishment for me and something I never thought I could do. Nearing the end of the plan, we found out about my Mom’s cancer and we were in the hospital constantly but I stuck to my goal and finished and I’m really proud of that. I also plan to do another Whole30 or a modified version again in 2016.


Low – Slacking off on Blogging

Blogging definitely took a backseat in 2015. I found recipe development difficult during renovations and a move and then my sister’s wedding and Mom’s illness kept us busy the second half of the year. Not only was my frequency inconsistent but I got really terrible about sharing posts on social media. I really miss blogging regularly and am hoping to recommit in 2016.

calgary chair

High – Fun Road Trips

I had several fun mini-getaways in 2015. Tom surprised me with a Winnipeg Ikea run for my birthday in May to look at new condo décor and we also went to Calgary for his birthday in August, just the two of us. My Mom and sisters and I went wedding gown shopping in Winnipeg in October. After I found my gown, we went to the Lindt chocolate store. It was a super fun girl’s day that I’ll always remember.


What’s coming down the pipe in 2016?

Tom and I are taking a 3 day meditation course in January and then we’ve got to focus on planning our wedding and all of the events that come along with it. I’m really hopeful that 2016 will be our best year yet.

Happy New Year to you!


4 thoughts on “2015 Recap

  1. Hi I read your recap, and I cant see why you dont put them on facebook. If someone doesn’t like it, tough shit. I thought it was beautiful the way you put it!!!!!kim

  2. I love following your life. Please don’t let this blog go😩. Let’s get together for lunch in the New Year. Happy New Year yo you and Tom

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