Recipe Updates!


Two recently spruced up recipes on Bag of Flour:

Coconut Cake

I first made this lovely cake two years ago for a friend’s birthday but a few things have always bugged me about that post.

#1. The photos were HORRENDOUS. You could barely tell that I had photographed a slice of cake. My Dad even texted me to inform me on how shoddy the photos were, so I knew they would have to be updated. I’m all for keeping up old posts to see how far I’ve come but I just didn’t feel that those photos gave an accurate representation of the finished product. It took me forever, but you can finally tell how delicious this cake is, just by looking at the photos.

#2. It always annoyed me that the original recipe is called “Italian Cream Cake”. I never used the pecans due to Tom’s allergy so in my mind, this is a coconut cake, plain and simple. I made it recently for my Mom’s birthday and decided to amp up the coconut factor even more by using coconut milk and garnishing it with extra coconut. It was a huge hit.

#3. The original recipe was CRAZY sweet. Now, I know it’s a cake and I love super sweet desserts, but I remember that every person I served it to left half slices on their plates, including me. It was delicious, but cavity inducing. I’ve found that the simplest way to remedy this was by using unsweetened coconut in the cake, frosting and garnish. It balances out everything much better. Tom even ate all of his frosting last time, which never happens. It was a huge improvement.

Check it out to see the updated photos and recipe!

Brown’s Dragon Bowl Copycat

As I’ve mentioned, this is the most viewed recipe on Bag of Flour, and I’ve gotten several reader comments on ways to improve upon it. I’m really excited about the tweaks I’ve made. This recipe was always a great one, but a few little additions, including a surprise ingredient have made it even closer to Brown’s version. You have to try it!

Happy Cooking!


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