Weekend Things


back yard

cait drink


famoso menu

flower pots

ink painting


new vase

potted plant






Just some photos from the weekend, in no particular order. We tried Famoso, worked on art projects and went plant shopping. It was a good one!


9 thoughts on “Weekend Things

  1. Your photos are really super crisp and so beautifully balanced!! Do you use a professional camera? Or just some mad photoshop skills??

    Looks like you had such a wonderful weekend! Hooray!

      1. I hope if you choose to make the marshmallow fluff from scratch it works out better for you!!! I just cut so many corners in baking and then I’m shocked and surprised when things don’t seem to work. 😂

      2. I want to say…. maybe?? I don’t think it would get as gooey. I think they would melt a good some… and would smoosh down due to the weight of the cake portion on top… hmmmm. HMMM. If you try it out, let me know! I’d love to see this science experiment. 😉

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