A Day With Grandpa



green birdhouse

coffee jar


orange lily

pink flowers

red flowers


white flowers


The last few weeks have been very difficult ones for my family. My maternal Grandma has been given a short time to live and we have been trying to fit in as much time with her as we can. This past weekend my Mom, Aunt, sister Caitlin and I went to their house to help Grandpa with some cleaning up. We sorted through Grandma’s clothes and checked out all of her flowers. Grandpa made lunch for us and we had a really nice day together in spite of everything going on. He even let me cut his hair, something my Grandma always did for him. These days have been full of so many hard moments but there are always beautiful ones to be found if you look for them. I have tried to keep my heart open to finding those, too.


4 thoughts on “A Day With Grandpa

  1. I am glad you had a good day considering whats going on. Stay positive, and you
    will feel better, and it will make your bad days easier to take. Luv You!

  2. Always look for good. You are so positive and I know that no matter what goes on in your life, you will come out of it. Lean on your partner and you will be able to tackle anything. Miss you

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