Recent Obsessions #12


White Chocolate Reese’s. I’ve loved these forever but only used to get them in the States so I was stoked to find them here. I also just bought a pack of white chocolate Reese’s EGGS on our recent trip to Minot and it will be a struggle to savour them.

Remember how I said I hated coffee? I did, my entire pregnancy, until like last week, when I woke up full blown dying for a coffee. I also just discovered Starbucks Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato. Have you tried this?! OMG.

This Old Navy black plaid shirt. It flows over my baby bump so well, can be unbuttoned over a tank when I get even bigger and then I can wear it after delivery. The length is perfect and the fabric is the softest ever. I already have my eye on the red/blue version.

Everyone Soap in Coconut Lemon. I really like Dr. Bronner’s castile soap as a bath soak but I’ve still really missed bubble baths and I’ve had lots of trouble finding a cleaner formula. I had heard lots of good things about this line and decided to give it a go. It foams well, smells like dessert and is super gentle on my skin. The bottle is large so it should last awhile, too.

I’ve been slathering my chest and belly with Coconut Oil before bed and it’s become a nice nightly ritual. I tend to be lazy about body lotion but my skin looks so much better when I moisturize it well.

Thursday nights have quickly become my favourite due to our Prenatal Classes. I always leave feeling like I’ve learned a ton and it’s such a nice date night for Tom and I. If you’re local you’ve probably heard it a million times but you need to take Sally’s class!

I’ve been on the hunt for black athletic shoes for a long time and I finally settled on these New Balance ones after getting an awesome deal on our Minot trip. I had super specific criteria (ask my husband) so this is a huge win. They are super comfortable and so classic looking.


What are you obsessed with right now?

Photo credit to Tom. 


4 thoughts on “Recent Obsessions #12

  1. Good Morning, your obsessions are way better than mine! I am obsessed with throwing out junk, old stuff that’s broken, cleaning out cabinets, all the fun stuff that
    comes with spring cleaning! I do find it hard to throw anything out, but I am doing it,finally. If we want to move, I have to do some serious down sizing. Keep up the sweet obsessions, its better than spring cleaning obsession! Luv U

  2. I Think I am obsessed with traveling, love to travel every time, want to make it my profession, like running a traveling blog or so. I can’t stay at home in weekends, I usually travel another cities. Mostly visit another country in every 6 month. In last 6 years I visited 12 countries. Now thinking to visit Brazil, their culture attracts me. My recent obsession is homemade coffee no Cafe’s, I used to drink instant coffee but just bought a programmable brewer, now a days I am brewing and drinking 3-6 cups a day 😀

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