A Fall Stroll



My Thanksgiving Menu


It’s our first time hosting a holiday and I’m super excited about it. Our home will be full of people we love and tons of food; what could be better? I’ve been working on the menu and thought I’d share it, complete with links to the recipes I’m using where possible:


  • Spiral Ham




  • My sister Caitlin is also bringing an appetizer and drinks.
  • I’m avoiding turkey because I can’t fathom carving one in my condo kitchen.
  • This is my first time making pumpkin pie from scratch and I’m scared.


P.S. My white pumpkin is from Save-On-Foods.


A Fall Bucket List


See “The Girl on the Train” Movie

I hope it’s as good as the Gone Girl movie was.

Finalize My Fall Capsule Wardrobe 

I’ve actually just finished this and started wearing it.

Chop My Hair Off

This item changes day to day. I’m having a love/hate relationship with it right now.

Complete Two Sewing Projects

At least! I can’t wait to get cozy in my sewing nook.

Legally Change my Name

I think I’ve slacked off as long as I can.

Actually Celebrate Halloween 

I want to plan something for the weekend before AND I’ve already begged Tom’s parents to let me hand out candy at their house.

Host Thanksgiving Dinner at our Home

I’m already planning the menu, naturally.

Cross the Border for a Target Run

To buy fifty cases of LaCroix, mostly.

Find the Perfect Winter Coat

I’m due for a new one!

Limit Phone Time

I’ve been working on this a lot lately. I’m especially bad at the right-before-bed and first-thing-in-the-morning scrolling.

Make My Own Healthier Coffee Creamer

I’ve tried several recipes but I never love them. Hoping to finally find a good one.

Buy a Small Pumpkin to Decorate With

I’m not a crazy holiday decorator, but I like small touches. I’ll probably put this on my bar cart.


A List #2


Eating/ a little more chocolate than I’d like after the Whole30. I missed it so.

Drinking/ HOT David’s Tea, which is how I know it’s getting cold. I’m really into Glitter & Gold right now.

Practicing / meditation. Tom and I just took a class together and learned a lot!

Masteringteaching Nix to sit. He caught on to it so quickly! I’m a proud mama.

Learning/ to bake without gluten. It’s definitely harder than I thought it would be.

Trying/ to wake up earlier in the morning. I’ve always wanted to be more of a morning person but it feels impossible to drag myself out of bed when it’s still dark out.

Playing/ with adult coloring books. My fave one has scenes of New York City.

Finishing/ decorating the condo. We’ve spent a lot of time on it recently and are really happy with the results.

Reading/ Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Remembering/ not to take anything for granted.

Wearing/ black, leggings and layers. My forever Fall uniform.

Cooking/ cozy foods. Chili, chicken and dumplings, etc.

Working/ on getting back into the blog groove.

Traveling/ nowhere anytime soon and I’m OK with that.

Wanting/ to spend more time “being” and less time “doing”.

My last list here.


Fall 2015 Capsule Wardrobe

fall closet

 My favorite clothing season is here! I love, love, love Fall fashion and I had a ton of fun planning this capsule. I have an affinity for dark and edgy pieces so this capsule was right up my alley to plan. Things I kept in mind going in:

Overall “feel” of my capsule. In my Summer capsule I didn’t choose my pieces with each other in mind and because of that I had a harder time mixing and matching.

What do I love to wear in Fall? Leather, leggings, plaid, skinny jeans and long tops came to mind so I included lots of those. I also included a couple of maxi dresses that I can wear now when it’s still warm and transition with boots and jackets later in the season.

Stick to a color palette. In the Summer, I didn’t really have one and again, this made mixing and matching more difficult.

First I considered what pieces I would roll over from my current capsule:

  • Black Caftan Dress
  • Grey Racerback Maxi
  • Black Blazer
  • Black Cardigan
  • Camo Jacket
  • Soft Black Pant
  • Dark Blue Skinny Jean
  • Fleetwood Mac Concert Tee
  • Tres Cool Top
  • Black Tunic Blouse
  • Basic Black Tank

Then I looked at the items in storage that I could use:

  • Floral Blazer
  • Grey Sweater Coat
  • Oxblood Leather Jacket
  • Studded Black Leather Jacket
  • Blue Plaid Cape
  • Black Jumpsuit
  • Basic Black Leggings
  • Shiny Black Leggings
  • Black Snakeskin Pant
  • Navy Graphic Tank
  • Blue/Green Plaid Shirt
  • Chambray Shirt
  • Studded Black Tank
  • Navy Print Kimono

I considered these pieces and could clearly see that my emerging color palette was mostly blue, black, white and grey. I decided for the shopping portion to look for pieces that would work with those colors. I decided I could use a few new tops and a pair of black skinny jeans. I also left room in my budget for one fun wild card piece, something I didn’t plan for that spoke to me. I gave myself a limit of $300 and I did a TON of planning for the capsule, easily two weeks’ worth of pre shopping and scouting for items I wanted to try on when the time came.

We had our Calgary trip planned for mid-August and this was when I did my shopping. I ended up buying mostly only items I had already scouted out and then tried on but I still didn’t find that one special wild card piece. After quite a bit of contemplation I decided I would splurge on a statement necklace from Baublebar, specifically the Courtney Bib in silver. I’ve lusted after it for months and knew I would wear it a ton. Technically jewelry isn’t part of my capsule but I figured putting the money toward an accessory I’d get a lot of use out of was better than settling on another clothing piece I wasn’t stoked about.

I bought:

  • Black Skinny Jeans
  • Grey Paris Graphic Tee
  • Army Green Tunic
  • Indigo Cowl Sweatshirt
  • Black and White Plaid Blouse
  • Black and White Print Kimono

The cost of these clothing items was $213 total.

Here is my finished capsule, 31 pieces to be exact. Keep in mind that many of these items were old so I had to find something similar to give you an idea of what I chose. I debated skipping this part but I love visualizing when I read these types of posts and I decided that close is better than nothing at all in this case.








Floral Blazer    Sweater Coat      Oxblood Leather Jacket

Black Blazer    Studded Black Leather Jacket    Black Cardigan

Blue Plaid Cape     Camouflage Jacket


Black Jumpsuit    Black Caftan    Grey Racerback Maxi


Dark Blue Skinny Jean   Basic Black Leggings   Shiny Black Leggings

Black Snakeskin Pant    Soft Black Pant   Black Skinny Jean


Navy Graphic Tank       Grey Paris Graphic Tee

Tres Cool Top      Fleetwood Mac Concert Tee

Army Green Tunic      Black Tunic Blouse

Blue/Green Plaid Shirt      Chambray Shirt

 Indigo Cowl Sweatshirt       Studded Black Tank

Basic Black Tank        Black and White Plaid Blouse

Navy Print Kimono           Black and White Print Kimono

That’s it for now! I can’t wait to put it into action this Fall.

Main Image via Pinterest