My Favorite Breakfast Smoothie


Green smoothies are a good, good habit to get into. I honestly believe that the more I have them, the more I crave the healthy stuff. I also think they make my skin look so much better. This smoothie is my go-to breakfast and I find if I skip it for even a day, I just don’t feel as good. I can almost feel my body begging for the nutrients and the second I have it, I get a burst of energy. I have experimented with smoothies and juicing for a long time now. I love our juicer and the way fresh juice makes me feel but I can’t deny the cost and the extra work involved. Smoothies are just so easy. I have played around with every kind of milk imaginable but coconut is my favorite. I have also played around with fruits and although I can’t say I have disliked any combination, the one below has been my go-to for the last several months.

My Favorite Breakfast Smoothie

Makes one large or two small smoothies

  •  1 cup coconut milk OR ½ cup coconut milk and ½ cup pure, unsweetened fruit juice
  •  2 cups spinach
  •  1 tbsp. chia seeds
  •  1 cup frozen mixed berries or dark cherries
  •  ½ a frozen banana
  • Honey to sweeten, if desired

Blend first three ingredients together until smooth. Add fruit and blend, adding a bit of water if mixture is too thick. Taste and add honey if you want it sweeter (if you use the juice it should be sweet enough already). Once blended and smooth, pour into glass and serve.

Notes: I like to swap ½ cup pineapple for the banana on occasion. I also sometimes use a mix of kale and spinach.


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