2015 Resolutions


New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday and I think it’s because a new year feels like a bit of clean slate. I love looking back on the previous year, both good and bad and then jumping right into a fresh new one. Here are some things I plan to make priorities in 2015:


Focus on Home

My Main Taste Tester and I have a move coming up this year. I want to work on weeding out clutter before the move and also just trying to enjoy the process at every stage. Moving can be stressful but I don’t want the challenging parts to overshadow the exciting ones. The move also means less road tripping this year than we usually do, but I’m ready to stick around and make our new home ours.


Break out of my Makeup Rut

I get that this one is kinda superficial, but when you look good, you feel good. I’ve always admired those ladies that experiment with their look all the time and the even more frustrating thing is that I used to be one of them. Somewhere along the way I fell into a serious rut and now I do my makeup the exact same way EVERY DAY. I’m vowing to branch out a little more this year. First on the agenda: bold lipstick, because I’m a neutrals-only girl these days.  I picked up two crazy bright ones last weekend and I can’t wait to try them out.


Work on Photography

The most challenging part of blogging for me by far is photography. I really want to work on styling my food shots a little more, playing around with light and also just taking more photos of day to day life.


Choose Health

No, I’m not going gluten free, or vowing to go to the gym twice a day or doing a month-long juice cleanse (although I support you if you are!). I find any time I put pressure on myself to accomplish really specific, unrealistic goals, I fail miserably. I’m opting this year to just choose the healthiest choice as often as possible. Maybe this means I pull out the Yonanas machine when I want ice cream. Maybe it means some nights I go for a swim instead of watching TV in bed. I just want to take care of myself without feeling punished, because I think the negative side effects that has on my well-being aren’t healthy either. And, let’s be real…I’m never going to cut out chocolate.


Write More

Writing is a huge outlet for me and I want to make a point to do it more outside of my blog. I’m hoping to journal more and I’m also looking to sign up for a writing course of some sort this year.


Live in the Present Moment

I really tried to work on this near the end of 2014 and I want to continue on the right track.  I used to be always scheduling, planning and volunteering for all sorts of things and running myself ragged. This year I really want to keep in mind that the world will not end if I don’t bring freshly baked cookies to every function I attend. I’m only one person and it’s ok to say no sometimes and not feel guilty doing it. I also enjoy life so much more when I’m not constantly looking at the next thing on my to do list. I vow to make joy a priority in 2015.


What are you planning to work on this year?

I’d love to know!

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