Meet Nix


We’re taking a break from the regularly scheduled Monday recipe post so I can introduce you to the newest member of our family. Meet Nix!

After Manny’s passing, Tommy and I were so heartbroken. We knew we would wait awhile before getting another dog. Recently though, we started looking at the local dog rescue and Humane Society websites to see if anyone caught our eye; we were ready to fill the void in our lives with a new dog. Being that we aren’t sure where we are moving this Spring, we knew we wanted a smaller dog that would fit in better no matter where we end up. There were rarely smaller dogs on any of the Humane Society and dog rescue sites though so Tommy suggested that we just stop by the Regina Humane Society on Thursday evening to see if there was anyone else there who wasn’t posted on their site.

I was nervous all day Thursday. I felt scared to fall in love with another dog and have to say goodbye to him or her again. I felt worried about how busy we are and wondered if we really had the time to devote to a new dog. I felt guilty about “replacing” Manny. But I also felt really, really excited and happy. I actually had butterflies when we pulled up at the Humane Society.

When we walked in and started looking at all of the dogs, I felt instantly sad at the number of sweet, large dogs that I knew we couldn’t take. There was even a larger one that we put on our “list” to consider because he was so adorable. But then, we got to one of the very last cages and we found the tiniest (and I mean tiniest) little guy. He got up out of his bed and ran up to the gate, wagging his little tail. Each of the dogs has an information sheet beside their cage with their picture, name and information and this little guy didn’t have one so I assumed immediately that he wasn’t available. We decided we would ask about him and did another lap to check out all of the dogs again, the next time coming back to find him shaking in his little bed. It was so noisy in there and he was beside some other very large, very noisy dogs. We found cage #5 on an information board and  saw that he did appear to be available so we asked to meet him. As soon as the employee set him in my arms, it was over. I pretty much melted into a puddle. It was probably less than two minutes before we were asking to adopt him.

While we waited for his adoption to be processed, we discussed his name. As a crazy Stevie Nicks fan, I always said if I got a girl dog, I would name her Stevie. Tommy knew this and asked, “What about Nicks? With an x?”. I liked it right away. It just suits him.

Nix is a two month old Chihuahua crossed with what the Humane Society believes is a Terrier. Nine Chihuahuas were seized from a house by animal protection last month and he was one of them.

I’ve never had a dog right from a puppy before and it’s a whole new ball game; he is either flying around with energy or snoring in my lap. Our lives have revolved totally around him for the last few days and we could not be happier. He is so perfect for our little family. Welcome home Nix!



5 thoughts on “Meet Nix

  1. Hi Beautiful Grand Doggy Son, he is sooooo cute and loveable, we all welcome him into our family, luv him to death!!! kimj

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