Spring Wish List


Wish list time! Here are some things I’d like to pick up for the upcoming season:

A new blush. I’ve heard awesome things about the Tarte Amazonian Clay line and there are so many great color options so I may start there. If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

Highlighter! So here’s the scoop. I know that I just bought that Lush highlighting cream that I love but I can be on the oilier side in the Summer and this one is pretty moisturizing. I am going to look for a powder highlighter for the warmer months. I’ve been looking at the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders for ages. I want to try one so bad but $52 for a face powder? Eep. I’ll keep you posted if I take the plunge.

A classic black and white striped T-shirt. I’m looking for something lightweight with a longer sleeve.

A full skirt. Last summer I wore a really full party dress to a wedding and I loved the silhouette. I’d like to buy a black skirt version so I can bring some glamour to my work attire.

Easy dresses. I’m a dress gal in the Summer. I’d like a couple of dresses I can wear now with cardigans and blazers and alone when it gets really warm out. The dresses should be light and flowy but not skimpy as I’d like them to be office appropriate too.

New sparkle ball earrings. I’ve lusted over the Bermuda Blue for awhile now.

A hair makeover. I keep debating between getting REALLY blonde highlights or going dark. For some reason I can’t get it together and am always tempted to go dark right when Spring hits, and then it promptly fades in the sun.

A fringe bag. I’m hoping to find a neutral colored, small to medium sized messenger bag that has some fringe on it.

Something with turquoise. I am obsessed with the necklace pictured above.

What do you have your eye on for Spring?


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