An Update

We have been in love with our new neighborhood. It is such a breath of fresh air with so much to see and do. Our condo building backs a nature reserve and we have been strolling around every chance we get which our puppy loves too, of course. The awesome weather lately has been the icing on the cake. nix window

My favorite coffee shop in Regina is Brewed Awakening and I desperately missed it once I moved to the opposite end of the city. I was thrilled to find out right when we moved in that they opened up a brand new location just a short walk from our condo! I am obsessed with their Coconut Iced Latte and I’ve already had more than I care to admit in the two weeks since we’ve moved. Addicted.


We’ve slowly been getting more settled into our place and figuring out condo life. In the latest home decorating news, our living room has 12 foot ceilings and we had a heck of a time finding curtains that would hang floor to ceiling, which is what I really had my heart set on. Finally, Bed Bath & Beyond pulled through but we only had two style options to choose from in that length which had me wondering if we were settling a bit. They just came in last week and now that they are installed I am so happy with what we chose. They look fantastic. I’m hoping to do a little virtual condo tour for you soon and then you can have a peek!

Speaking of Bed Bath & Beyond, while we were there picking up our curtains, we picked up a Ninja! We were in need of a blender upgrade and holy crap, this thing is insane. It has a 2 horsepower motor! I’m in love…no more spinach chunks in my smoothies! I am maybe a little bit more excited than I should be, but seriously, I can’t get over how well it works.

ninja I have been seriously neglecting my reading but I did manage to fall in love with the Date Night In cookbook I requested from the library. My sister Caitlin and I were poring over it the weekend before last and drooling over every recipe. It’s going to need a permanent spot on my bookshelf I think.

I also made our first brunch in the new place! I’m such a brunch fan. Yeasted waffles and bacon were on the menu. I also made fresh whipped cream and the roasted strawberry jam from the Date Night In cookbook for waffle toppings. It was a delicious start to the day. brunch

My sister Tia and brother-in-law Dan came to town for the weekend and we decided to hit up Coney Island for the first time. OMG. I could have made a meal out of my S’mores milkshake by itself. The shakes were fantastic. Our group tried hot dogs, burgers and poutine and everything was phenomenal. We were so impressed. Check it out, Regina people!

big pig chili burger  smores shake

Up next: we have a road trip planned for my cousin’s graduation. Lots of fun is in store!


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