What We’ve Been Eating


Now that it’s officially Summer, formal cooking is at a minimum around these parts. It’s just too gorgeous outside to be sitting inside, slaving over the stove. The more simple and fresh our meals are, the more time and energy we have left over to enjoy the leftover sunshine in the evening. Here are some of the things we’ve been enjoying lately and also a few of the things I want to try making this Summer:

This Crockpot Santa Fe Chicken is perfect. We’ve had it on taco salads and over nachos. A great way to have an easy dinner waiting for you at home without turning on your oven.

Pasta salad is a Summer staple for me. I recently made this Greek Tortellini version and loved it.

These Lunch Lady Brownies. Super random. I noticed this recipe somewhere around the internet recently (Pinterest maybe?) and couldn’t help but notice how much these brownies looked like the phenomenal ones my high school cafeteria used to make. We had a dinner guest this week and I decided to whip up a half batch as a quick dessert. They were really quick to throw together but the ingredients seemed too simple so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The verdict? They. Were. Amazing. So fudgy and exactly like the ones I loved in high school. We were all raving over them. I know it’s hot outside but these are worth turning on the oven for.

Loving this Grilled Apricot & Corn Salad with Pistachios and Fresh Mozzarella. I made mine with peaches and I plan on eating this about 68 more times this Summer. It’s my new fave salad.

I can’t stop making the Roasted Strawberry Jam from the Date Night In cookbook. I’ve made it multiple times already to put on waffles and cheesecake. I also think it would be a perfect ice cream topping. Doing that next.

I am dying to make a killer burger at home and looking to this Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger recipe for inspiration. How good does that look?!

I’ve had a serious interest in making my own popsicles but I need to find the right mold. Once I do I think I’ll start with these Coconut Rhubarb Creamsicles. I can practically taste them.

I’ve been really into snack plates for lunch lately. I include veggies and hummus, a few slices of turkey wrapped around smoked gouda cheese and some crackers or fruit on the side.

These S’mores Pots De Crème look like an easy way to have S’mores at home, no fire required.

Craving this simple Summer breakfast.

We have a beach day coming up and I’m packing a picnic lunch for us to take along. On the menu: turkey bacon club sandwiches on crusty bread, fresh cherries and kettle chips.

What are your favorite things to eat in the Summer?


2 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Eating

  1. I just wanted to tell you that you should work at a radio station or be on tv doing news, cause your soo creative, and good with words, kim

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