A List

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I originally saw this list on this blog and I’ve started completing my own each season or so. It’s interesting to prioritize what’s going on at that moment in time and to look back on previous ones to see how life evolves. Here is my most recent version:

Eating/ Fresh salads, creative sandwiches, and more ice cream than I should. I happen to think it passes for a meal in summer.

Drinking/ Iced coffee, sparkling water, iced David’s Tea, green smoothies.

Practicing / Not overthinking everything to death.

MasteringMy wardrobe capsule. I’ve learned so much already!

Learning/ Not to react right away when I’m angry.

Trying/ To write more! I find myself having ideas in the strangest places, so carrying a notebook has proven to be a must for me.

Playing/ “Fetch” with our puppy. Also going to work on “sit” and “don’t chew holes in the couch”.

Finishing/ Settling into our condo. We still have more donations and some organizing to do. It’s close, and starting to feel like a “home”.

Reading / Notes from a Blue Bike by Tsh Oxenreider

Remembering/ My Grandpa. It’s been almost a year since he left us. It still doesn’t feel real to me. I want so badly to just have a conversation with him.

Wearing/ Skirts and dresses. It’s too hot to consider anything else.

Cooking/ Things that don’t require the oven. So anti-cooking?

Working/ On saying “no”.

Traveling / To Las Vegas! Tom and I have never been on a vacation just the two of us. Counting the days.

Wanting / To slow life down. This year is flying!


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