Recent Obsessions #5


Pimm’s Cups. I’ve seen them on two restaurant drink menus recently and I am in love. Can’t wait to try and make my own at home. They are so refreshing!

This Gap maxi dress. It feels like a worn out T-shirt and is really versatile. I want to wear it everywhere.

Fructis Texture Tease spray. I ran out of my usual wave spray and not only had I heard great things about this one, it was about a third the price of my regular. It’s a powder spray that you apply to dry hair and scrunch with your fingers. It gives the best texture and body and is great for that messy-on-purpose look.

In TV news, we just finished Orange is the New Black. I really enjoyed this season and although I didn’t find the buildup as crazy as season 2, I think next season will be a doozy. I won’t spoil it for any of you who haven’t watched but I have so many unanswered questions! My favorite aspect of the show is when they examine the backstory of each character.

I’ve also started watching Mad Men. A little late to the party, but it’s really different from anything I’ve watched and I love the 1960’s fashion.

Maybelline’s Master Conceal. I had been looking for something with staying power for the Summer so I could avoid foundation and this is it. It’s got great, long lasting coverage and a good variety of shades.

David’s Tea Summer fave: Ruby Red. I’ve also brewed it strong and added club soda for a “tea pop”. Delish. Strawberry Colada takes a close second.

We recently tried out Birmingham’s for a friend’s birthday party and Tom and I both decided to try the Skirt Burger. Basically, they pile cheese really high on the burger patty and put a lid over it. The cheese oozes over the sides and creates a crispy melted cheese “skirt” (see above). I had never heard of such a thing. Let me tell you, we both DIED over this thing. Easily the most delicious burger I’ve ever eaten in my life. Try it, locals!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish in “All Chalked Up”. It’s the prettiest neutral purple and my latest fave color for fingers and toes.

My new FIANCE! Tom and I got engaged this past week! It’s been a really fun and exciting time so far and I feel very lucky.

What are you obsessed with lately?


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