Recent Obsessions #6

pbj muffins

Booster Juice’s “Pumpkin Patch” smoothie. I had this on Thanksgiving in lieu of pie and I LOVED it. Tom couldn’t stop stealing sips either. It tastes exactly like pumpkin pie in a cup and is a healthy alternative. It is a limited time flavor so get in to try one soon!

Minimalist Baker. I’ve been looking for a lot of vegan and gluten free recipes during the reintroduction  phase of my Whole30 and it seemed that this site kept popping up. I fell in love with it right away. There are so many options for restricted diets and I have a ton of recipes bookmarked already. The site is so clean and the photography is beautiful. I just made her vegan and gluten free peanut butter and jelly muffins (see above) and couldn’t get over how good they were. I already read a ton of blogs and it’s not often I add another to my list but this one has really inspired me.

Fave new Fall nail color: Nicole by OPI  in “Backstage Pass”. It’s a deep, dark eggplant-y brown. A friend recently surprised me with it and it’s the only color I’ve been wearing since.

Glow Juicery is new to Regina and I recently grabbed a bottle from Sprout Catering while on the go. I tried “After Glow” which is  made of Spinach + Cucumber + Celery + Kale + Apple + Parsley. I love fresh juices but making them at home is so much work. It’s nice to have an option to pick up once in awhile.

I’m currently reading A House in the Sky and it is the best book I’ve read in a long time. I went through an unusual phase these last few months where I was disinterested in reading and had a hard time getting into anything but this book is so action packed and well written. I love that the author is from Alberta too.

Primal Cravings. This cookbook is phenomenal. I checked it out from the library before starting our Whole30 for some inspiration and ended up renewing it twice more before deciding I need to buy it. Basically, it’s jam packed with paleo versions of your favorite “junk” foods. I made the Chili Dog Chili (which might sound weird, but was SO good) for supper one night, as well as the chocolate chip cookies and Samoa’s for Thanksgiving dessert. No one could believe that they were paleo and gluten free. The recipes don’t have a ton of weird ingredients either, which is a plus in my book.

What are you obsessing over these days?


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