Recent Obsessions #7

kitchen flowers

I’ve been having a serious love affair with fresh flowers and every couple of weeks I pick up a new grocery store bouquet for my island. I love the extra life it gives the space. I’m hoping to find a white poinsettia next!

This is random but I grabbed this Sour Strawberry gum at the grocery checkout and I can’t believe how good it is. The name intrigued me and the taste is killer. I’m not a sour fan but this isn’t overdone. Just the smell of the package makes me happy.

These Columbia boots. I decided that this winter I needed some practical boots that I could wear out and about for running errands without ending up with cold, wet feet or the reverse, feeling like my feet would melt off. I am a huge Sorel fan and love my Cate the Greats, but they are SO warm and heavy that I am usually dying of heatstroke the second I step indoors with them. I did a lot of research online and tried on several pairs at a few stores before finding the Columbia Minx Shorty. These are short, waterproof, and SUPER lightweight. They are also the most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on my foot; they feel like a slipper! The sole is very textured and grippy and will work great when walking on slippery spots. I also think the tweedy print is so cute. Love these!

My alligator skin has been needing some extra moisture lately and I decided to try out Body Shop’s Vitamin E skincare line. I am so impressed with every product I’ve tried. My skin actually looks alive again. I plan on doing a separate post about this to share my new regimen soon!

This David’s Tea mug. Tom bought it for me because he knew I’d love the gold bottom. The Nordic mug is the best. They are so convenient when making tea for guests because everyone can choose their own flavors.

Boom Chicka Pop. OMG. A little late to the party, I know. I would be deeply embarrassed to tell you how many bags I’ve gone through since discovering this. I love the Sea Salt and Kettle Corn and I also just saw White Cheddar in my grocery store. That will be happening soon.

Dark Chocolate. After finishing our Whole30, I started getting into dark chocolate because I find milk to be too sweet for the most part now. At a recent trip to the Lindt store in Winnipeg I only bought dark varieties; my favorite is Ghirardelli’s Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Caramel square.

In wardrobe news, I’ve decided to forgo a winter capsule shopping trip. I have a lot of great winter clothes in storage and just didn’t think a shopping spree was necessary, although I will still make a capsule with what I have. I did pick up one party dress for the holiday season though!

This is sort of funny but remember my Pimm’s obsession last summer? I looked at multiple liquor stores and had no luck finding any so I couldn’t indulge at home. Last week we stopped at the new Willow Park liquor store in Harbour Landing and I found it there! This store is awesome and I highly recommend it. They have a lot of unique, hard to find products and even a junk food and mix section! Super smart.


What are you obsessed with lately?


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