Photo An Hour #3

I’ve been in a weird funk with photography. I’ve been trying so hard to be present in life, but to really accomplish this, I don’t want to be reaching for my camera constantly. The downside is, I really miss documenting life on my blog and recently I decided another Photo an Hour was just what I needed to jump back in the saddle. What I love about committing to this challenge is that it forces me to look outside of scenes that are picture perfect and to see the simple beauty in a pile of rocks or a cluttered counter top. I need to take a picture wherever I am in that moment, and something about removing the perfectionism feels so good. This was a recent sunny Saturday spent out and about when Tom was away for the weekend. I met a friend for lunch at The Meating Room, bought some sweet things for our baby, and went for a lovely after dinner walk with my furry BFF.

9 am


10 am


11 am


12 pm


2 pm


3 pm


4 pm 


5 pm


6 pm


7 pm


8 pm


9 pm


See also: Photo an Hour one and Photo an Hour two.






2 thoughts on “Photo An Hour #3

  1. Beautiful pictures, I love the rock picture with the rugged shaped heart, and of course the picture of Nix. Well done!

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