Three Recipes I’ve Loved Lately

korean beef

Another instalment of some new favourites that I thought I’d share.

Korean Beef Bowl

I was looking for a new recipe to use up some ground beef when I came across this one. It looked super simple and I thought, how good can it be? The answer is, very. We LOVE this dish so much that I’ve made a it a few times already and Tommy is always thrilled when I serve it. I like to mix it with rice and steamed broccoli and garnish with green onion and sesame seeds. Incredibly quick and easy to make and the leftovers are great too.

Simple Granola Bars

Tommy is a huge granola bar fan and I’m often trying new variations for him. We went on a trip recently and I made a batch of these to take along and we fell totally in love with them. I’ve made a batch every week since. They are perfectly crunchy and chewy and infinitely better than store bought. I use sunflower seeds in place of the almonds and I’ve found that although you don’t have to bake them, doing so for 25 minutes or so at 350 makes them hold together better.

Blissed Out Thai Salad

I’ve been in a huge peanut butter phase lately and the peanut sauce in this dish is incredible. A great way to get your veggies in and I loved the cold leftovers the next day too.

Have you stumbled upon any great recipes lately? 


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